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brendo wrote: What are some ingredients in the vitamins and minerals we take to watch out for? I know dextrin or maltodextrin are both forms of sweeteners, but what else would be detrimental? I have been having trouble finding some good vitamins and supplements without any added bad stuff.

You’ve named the obvious culprits to look for.

One of the main things that I look for is a couple of enzymes that are called Hemicellulase, Cellulase, and Amylase.

Sometimes the companies that make supplements will put a couple of enzymes in the mix just so they can advertise the vitamin as a ‘digestive aid’ in addition to the vitamins it contains. You don’t need these types of enzymes as long as you take Swedish bitters (which you should be), as you don’t need additional and unnatural enzymes screwing with the natural digestion functions of your system.

Amylase can be detrimental to the Candida treatment; in fact there are even Amylase blockers available for people with Candida and others who need it.

Cellulase and Hemicellulase break down the outer cellular structure of plants into beta-glucose. Glucose as you know feeds Candida. These plants include the vegetables that we eat on a daily basis. Also, neither of these are natural to the human body, but are sold in supplements along with other enzymes.

Both of these enzymes are produced by fungi. Why do you suppose fungi produce Cellulase and Hemicellulase unless they’re beneficial to their existence?