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CT wrote: Hi Able, what are your views on using L Glutamine to repair the lining in the gut? I have been considering taking it but I am already taking alot of the other supplements such as vitamin A, D3, C, Magnesium, zinc, biotin. Probiotics and oil of oregano and Molybedenum. Will the L glutamine make much difference?

I’ve been taking it for two weeks or so. It’s not really something you can gauge the effectiveness of though, like with most supplements. I think it’s commonly taken as part of a “rebuilding” phase after you’ve cleared out toxins/pathogens and restored gut flora balance, so you could leave it for a while if you wanted. I figured anything that helps later can’t hurt now and I already had a tub of it. The best time to take it is before bed apparently, if you do decide to try it.