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Atela;40846 wrote: These two quotes conflict somewhat. I’m a bit confused. Would you be kind enough to elaborate in more detail?

I don’t see a conflict myself. If you haven’t started the probiotics, then don’t start them until you’re on the diet because you’ll likely create a lot of toxins from the die-off with both a cleanse and probiotics. On the other hand, if you’ve already been on a diet and taking probiotics before you do a cleanse, then you’ve likely already been through the first onslaught of die-off, and the worst is usually the worst.

This is really a matter of opinion; personally I can’t see an advantage in stopping the probiotic altogether just to do a cleanse when a cleanse isn’t going to contribute to your ultimate success, but probiotics can and will.

Can you suggest a proper time schedule for taking probiotics during the cleanse?

It shouldn’t matter as long as you take them on an empty stomach.

May I ask what your thoughts are in regards to taking the Chelated Molybdenum during antibiotic treatment?

Moly acts as a detox of sorts, so there shouldn’t be a problem with taking it. Molybdenum is also an essential trace mineral for the human body. However, I’m not certain that there’s a need for it during a round of antibiotics since you’re mainly going to be killing bacteria instead of Candida.

Also, what other supplements would be beneficial during the antibiotic treatment, that wouldn’t conflict with the Bactrim?

Probiotics are your best choice by far. The more the better since you’re going to be killing off some of your beneficial bacteria with the antibiotic, but I would also try to load up on prebiotic foods during that time as well.
Of course you’ll want to take the probiotics as far away from the time you take the antibiotics as possible.