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Able900;6788 wrote: The diet alone will cause die-off toxins in your body, adding the probiotic too soon will only multiply the toxins.

From my understanding, taking probiotics during the cleanse would be a total waste of money. The cleanse has a tendency to ‘wash them away’ before they have a chance to do good. Correct me if I am wrong, please.

Able900;6788 wrote: If you are already on a treatment with probiotics, you should continue taking them during the cleanse.

These two quotes conflict somewhat. I’m a bit confused. Would you be kind enough to elaborate in more detail?

Right now, I am in the midst of taking Bactrim, because Herbal ABX wasn’t strong enough for a bladder infection that went undiagnosed for over a month. I’m taking my probiotic several hours after each Bactrim dose. Once the infection clears up, I plan to start the cleanse. Obviously, I need to take probiotics at this time. Can you suggest a proper time schedule for taking probiotics during the cleanse? In my arsenal of supplements, I now have my Chelated Molybdenum. May I ask what your thoughts are in regards to taking the Chelated Molybdenum during antibiotic treatment? Also, what other supplements would be beneficial during the antibiotic treatment, that wouldn’t conflict with the Bactrim?

Please forgive me if this has already been covered somewhere in the forum. Finding specific topics in the forum, can sometimes feel like attempting to find a chest full of gold on a treasure map of the continent of Africa. Especially for those of us suffering from ‘brain fog’ as it is!