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I was on a tight budget all the time and I would just pick and choose what I thought is most important. Moly is very important and other supplements to protect your liver as long as you experience die-off. Vitamin C is important in my opinion. Others you should get from food.

If you eat enough of important foods, you should get all your nutrients from food. Just kicking out this or that is not enough, you must eat enough of the good stuff as well. This is the rule I got from Dr. Wahls diet that works so you could try:
– One dinner plate daily of green leafy vegetables (kale, swiss chard, spinach, collard greens etc.) — dinner plate is about 6 cups and you figure out the amount before cooking it
– One dinner plate daily of sulfur foods (cabbage family: cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower…)
– one dinner plate daily of colored through foods (this gives you antioxidant power but this one is difficult for candida diet, but you do your best, I eat purple cabbage instead of green etc.)
– organ meat once per week (inexpensive way which gives you vitamin D and some other important micronutrients)
– bone broth daily (I think at least 500ml should be taken, if prepared right, which is very easy, it contains tons of minerals plus micro-nutrients which repair intestinal wall so it takes care of leaky gut naturally)
– omega 3 foods (fatty fish, fairly inexpensive such as sardines, mackerel etc.)

Good luck!