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Emsmith;34681 wrote: just a heads up on the bitters and bone broth, i guess my taste buds are still adjusting… i find these 2 very hard to get down. i tried the bone broth but simmered for 3 days (too long in my opinion) the house smelled so bad my husband wouldn’t go near the kitchen. the bitters are terribly hard to get down and maybe i haven’t used it often enough but haven’t noticed much benefit.

Hello Emsmith,

I am used to the taste of bone broth because my family used to make those all the time when i was the child. I don’t mind the plain taste but if you put herbs, such as rosemary and bay leaf and whole black pepper, it smells and tastes much much better. Tip: I put all the herbs into the little metal ball used to make tea so it doesn’t get all over the pot and its easy to remove.

No need to cook it for 3 days. I cook it around 18 hours. And if you make a big batch you need to do it only once every 5-6 days.

Here is a good recipe for bone broth (adding rosemary after finding this recipe really made it much better tasting and smelling):

This is so beneficial that I encourage you to give it another try. It is very inexpensive way to get lots of mineral/vitamins into your body as well as stuff that repairs the intestinal barrier naturally. I noticed huge improvement after starting bone broth as therapy.