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Vitamin C is very important and has many health benefits including boosting the immunity and supporting the adrenal function.

However, in the case of an active intestinal fungal overgrowth, I don’t advice taking it until the infection be reduced to asymptomatic. The reason is Vitamin C is a sugar acid and 99% of it is made of cane of sugar and corn syrup.

Dr. Bruce Semon, who has written books about CRC, mentions the downside part of Vitamins when we battle candida.

Thank you Jorge. I have been taking an inferior quality of Vitamin C locally available but I cannot raise the dose above 2000mg since it gave me acid reflux and enamel erosion when I did so. Do you suggest Vitamin C and other Vitamin supplements should be avoided altogether? Vitamin C has helped me cope a lot with seasonal allergies and fevers, and I notice a considerable increase in my energy level since I have added the whole list of Vitamins and minerals given here. Please suggest.

Liposomal form Vit C has an absorbtion rate of 95%, so only a few hundred mg’s goes a long way and doesnt irritate intestines (especially already inflamed intestines) or go unabsorbed into the colon where it can benefit the infection.

Thank you Impossible, does it mean it is better than Ester C? I really am looking for something that heals me better and quicker (I’ve been with Candida from 15 years now!) and I am open to all suggestions.