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Vegan Catlady
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jameskep;55360 wrote: Vegancat,

Richard Schulze makes a more natural source of Vitamin C if your hesitant with synthetic Vitamin C.

I keep a box of emergen-C on hand in case I have a really bad reaction towards something. I’ll use 10-12 packets to flush out the unwanted symptom. One time I had a really bad die-off and the high dose emergen-c was a life saver. Vitamin C below 10 grams does not seem to help die-off(no flush effect). I wouldn’t rely on Vitamin C flushes for die-offs because of the possibility for mineral(copper loss) imbalances and can cause some irritation to the GI tract. Moderation with anything.

Richard Schulze Vitamin C may be a good alternative to synthetic Vitamin C. I haven’t tried Garden of life Vitamin C(cultured), but that might be a little more gentle/(better utilized?) than plain ascorbic acid.

I appreciate that,Jameskep,
I have posted that I already DO take Emergen C 🙂 just not in the dose that you have mentioned here.

I do take synthetic vit C, and I dont doubt for a minute that some people will really benefit by regular use of it. I wish it helped me with my die off when I first had it,
I had lots of Emergen C on hand because we use it when someone needs a quick boost at home.

I also have vitamin c with rosehips and bioflavinoids in 500mg amount.

Its interesting to me that you mentioned the vitamin C and the copper, before getting overgrowth, we suspected that everyone at my house may have an excess of copper, not sure if its due to pipes or if its the springwater, or if its just our diet.
After reading a little, it looks as if excess copper can cause overgrowth the way having it balanced can help get rid of it.

Being someone who is very little, I have taken large amounts of things that my friends or family members took, only to learn the hard way that I cant. Thats why I try to err on the side of caution when people ask for advice,and why I posted here.

When we are desperate and sick, we try everything 🙁