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Vegan Catlady
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Tdog333;55307 wrote:

The fact that you said these are all from the same source makes me think you didn’t even read them.

Great Plains Laboratory
Simon and Hudes
Dr. William McCormack
Klenner (1971), Poser (1972) and Hoffer (1973)
Takiguchi et al. (1966)
Murphy and Zelman (1965)
(McDonald and Murphy, 1959)
Pauling, 1986

Those are just the scientific studies, I didn’t post the authors of the books, looks like more than the same source/a dentist to me.

I agree with you raster that the source is very important, lots of ascorbic acid is from GMO corn like you said, so the source needs to be good.

We definitely trust very different sources of info.

And no, I only read the first link that mentions that it was from a dentist that was regurgitating another person’s research. I had to leave to bring my son to work.
But im back 🙂

I simply posted (HERE IS A QUOTE) “High doses of vit C can cause kidney stones in prone people, and high doses of any vitamin can cause a deficiency in another vitamin, the same way taking herbs that act as diuretics can affect vitamin/mineral loss, or eating high protein diets that also act as a diuretic.
High amounts of vitamin C have to be eventually lowered, and not just stopped, due to an affect on the immune system when it is just “cut-off”.”

And then you in defense, IMPLIED I said vitamin C is THE CAUSE OF ALL KIDNEY STONES.

If my son didnt have them once, I wouldnt know anything about them.
Since I was forced to educate myself, I did it to the point of including every angle, not just what pills are safe to pop.

Actually, Great Plains Laboratory has incentive to sell you vitamin C, and antifungals and tests. They are salesmen.