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impossible;51269 wrote:

Thats an awesome story. Makes me hate the establishment even more than I already do too. Supplementing for deficiencies aside, I think C is the most important vitamin to supplement. Lypo is what I use and I like it. High dose vit C is very acidic and hard on the intestines for people with inflammation, even if buffered. Liposomal avoids that problem because you dont have to use as much, its so well absorbed.

How do you feel on the lypo? That is why I have always been a baby supplementing with vitamin c. Most of them bother my stomach. This is why I thought this article I shared was interesting b/c I didn’t know about lypo till reading this, plus I want to keep my immune up for winter.

Honestly, its made quite a noticeable difference. Im one of those hypersensitive people (lucky me), so I notice big time when something helps or hurts. Vitamin C has helped EVERYTHING alot, even the hypersensitivity. Over the long term even more so. Im even considering upping my doseage to 2 a day. Its expensive but so worth it. I dont think I would ever get better without it.

FYI, dont try to mix it with water. Just empty it into your mouth and wash it down with water. On an empty stomach. It wont bother your stomach at all, and its the equivalent of taking like 7000 mg of ascorbic acid powder.

Thank you! Once I figure out some bills today, I think I might order some. Believe me, I have a very sensitive system, too; especially, I notice it with my gastroparesis and having no colon. I hope it helps me, too. I have noticed a couple other things that have really helped me lately, which is good!!