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Would this be enough or would you also recommend Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate (any specific brand?)?

Personally, I wouldn’t have been without Molybdenum during the treatment. I felt better physically after adding it to my regimen, plus I felt much safer knowing that the toxins were being cleared out.

I could pop into my small local health store tomorrow and pick something up if it’s not too rare to find .it might be wiser to pick the milk thistle up there.

Where are you located?

– From the vegetable list, was it only green vegetables, or any vegetable off of that list?

Green vegetables are preferable during the cleanse.

– Do you recommend drinking white tea (herbal) during the detox phase?

Not especially, I would prefer strictly water and water with lemon juice for detoxing myself.

or perhaps the lower back area would symbolise the kidneys.

Very possible considering that toxins aggravate the kidney as well as the liver.