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I’ll order some Molybdenum online then. I live in the UK, out in the countryside.

Thanks so much for your advise. I was beginning to feel too trapped.

Also, do you know of any problem with me adding B-complex vitamins in at this stage?

Update: I can’t seem to find Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate online in the UK. Are any of these correct, and best? Amino Acid Chelate&searchimage.x=0&searchimage.y=0&showAll=true

Update 13.04.12: Ok, I ordered ths one Going to buy some milk thistle today too. I might also get some swedish bitters.

Diet 12.04.12:

– raw: cauliflower, cabbage, red+orange peppers, avocado, parsley, lemon, water

I’ll turn it into a green vegetable diet only. So no peppers because of the sugar (maybe green pepper is ok?). No avocado or herbs. If I have tea, I’ll have one of the detox teas:

Symptoms 13.04.12:

– Woke up feeling very dehydrated (despite loads of water the day before)
– Foggy head
– Lower back and side niggles
– Achy muscles
– Fuzzy mouth
– Off coloured layer on tongue
– Blocked nose + mucousy throat
– Low energy
– Nauseous after drinking lemon in the morning (haven’t had this in a while)

The more I read about candida, the more my symptoms make sense. Similar symptoms have been on and off like this for a very long time. It seems like I’ve been going in and out of die-off without understanding it.