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Hello, Griff. Thanks for the information.

Quote: Since starting the “Antipilzdi√§t”, my lips have become dry and cracked and sometimes peel. I also developed what I thought was a cold sore on my upper lip three days ago (yellow, crusty, following the progression of a normal cold sore), but today the crust fell off (yeah, gross) and the skin underneath looks nearly normal. Could this be a symptom of die-off, as opposed to a herpes breakout.

Reply: The crust falling off could be the state of your lips healing at that time. However, an outbreak could occur again, including the cold sore and any other problems can come back with a change of diet, because the infestation wasn’t actually healed. To do that, the entire environment of the digestive system, intestines and colon included, will have to be changed, and that generally takes a while to bring about. But that is definitely a good sign.