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Hello, Griff, and welcome to the forum.

Quote: “My outbreaks of oral herpes have gotten continuously worse.”

Reply: About 90% of all the herpes cases that are diagnosed are caused by a fungus rather than a virus. So there is definitely a herpes/Candida connection.

Quote: “My doctor has prescribed me Mykundex.

Reply: Mykundex is basically the same thing as Nystatin which is used in America to treat Candida. It’s actually just another antifungal which can bring some relief, but is not capable of bringing about a complete cure from a Candida albicans infestation.

Quote: “My GP diagnosed me as slightly hypothyroid”

Reply: Hypothyroid is a side effect of a fairly long-standing case of Candida infestation.

Quote: “I started taking the pill (Trigoa) again upon my arrival in Germany. That means I’ve been on it now for over 2 years. I’m on the last few pills of this pack, and I’m thinking about going off of it for Christmas to see if that helps. Do you advise this?”

Reply: That’s up to you, but research shows that the huge surge of hormones released from birth control pills normally contributes to the growth of Candida.

Thomas gave you two links to the pages you need to read if you’re going to follow the protocol on the forum which most of the members are using with varied success.