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First, thanks for your reply!

Able900 wrote:
Quote: “My outbreaks of oral herpes have gotten continuously worse.”

Reply: About 90% of all the herpes cases that are diagnosed are caused by a fungus rather than a virus. So there is definitely a herpes/Candida connection.

I am pretty sure it’s oral herpes because my first outbreak a few years ago was really bad – fever, achy body, etc. with sores around my mouth that made me look like the joker. This corresponds very closely to the descriptions of herpes outbreaks. I was also in a relationship with someone who gets occasional cold sores, so I simply concluded I had contracted HSV-1.

However, since starting the “Antipilzdi√§t”, my lips have become dry and cracked and sometimes peel. I also developed what I thought was a cold sore on my upper lip three days ago (yellow, crusty, following the progression of a normal cold sore), but today the crust fell off (yeah, gross) and the skin underneath looks nearly normal. Could this be a symptom of die-off, as opposed to a herpes breakout? (Either way, I’m not kissing my bf right now!)

I think I will try going off the pill for the holiday season and see what happens.

Also, I find the differences between your diet and the one prescribed to me by my German doctor very interesting. I will write a new post, and translate the “Antipilzdi√§t”, just so you can see what people are being prescribed over here. You might find it interesting to check out.