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I’m probably still 40-50 pounds overweight, after losing 18-20ish pounds during the cleanse. I’ve been plateaued at my current weight since the second or third week (I’m 10 weeks in, currently). I don’t know if I had more die-off than anyone else. My cravings subsided on the 4th or 5th day of the cleanse, for the most part. The most intense stuff happened in the first two weeks, and the majority of it was pretty much over by the end of the first month. Mostly headaches, body odor, detox-y smelling bowel movements, wanting to sleep a lot, itchy eyes, light-headedness before I started the MAAC (I didn’t do everything in the right order). I still notice little things, but not much, and it may be because I’ve stopped taking MAAC every day that I feel anything at all.

All of that said, I’m only 26, so I probably haven’t had a candida overgrowth as long as you have, Mrs C, so I might just have less to kill.

I’m curious to see if I start losing weight again at some point. Since I’ve started exercising again (in really small amounts), I guess it would be difficult to attribute it solely to one thing. Also, I’m pretty sure my thyroid has been jacked since I was a young teenager, so future weight loss could potentially be attributed to its recovery (or, I hope it recovers).