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Dear tatty,

I am sorry to hear that you feel so terrible and alone in the battle. I hope you will find a home here in the forum.

My wife is allergic to some antibiotics. So, each time she needed a antibiotic, last time for a lung infection, she gets a special one which is not used so much. If you are in need of a antibiotic, like in a life threatening situation, you should tell the doctor that they have to give you a antibiotics which works better for sensitive or allergic people. After my wife had a reaction the doctors stopped with that antibiotics which cause the trouble and took another one from another company and it worked fine. You have to demand that from your doctors but stopping the medication in the middle is very dangerous, never do that, switch to another antibiotic but continue until its done.

If your doctors have checked you up for the major sicknesses and don’t find a reason for your suffering. You should consider following the diet here on the forum, written by Able and raster. Write a food diary and try to figure out what you are reacting too. I know its very hard, I am myself struggling, but I see that as the only way and hope to win the battle.

Generally we have to hold up the believe that our body wants us well, its not the unpredictable enemy we have to fight. Like doctors often think. Our body wants to tell us something and if we have a cold and some reaction to it, all the reactions are not the problem but a sign that the body is fighting an infection. So, we can be assured that the body is on your side. We only have to make sure we find the roots of the struggle.

There is a very big chance that you suffer from a condition called Leaky gut, which can give you a hell of a lot sympthoms and allergies. Leaky gut goes hand in hand with candida.

With both conditions you are well placed here in the forum. Study the posts and plan your battle.

Good luck!