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raster wrote: I see no drawback in eating meats; I eat one serving of meat per day and haven’t noticed any extra ammonia production.

You won’t notice the permanent effects that toxins have on the liver; liver toxicity leading to damage occurs rather slowly over time with no apparent symptoms until it’s advanced significantly.

The following information is intended for anyone who has not yet or who is now experiencing die-off symptoms due to toxins being released into your body as well as for those who are still experiencing significant Candida symptoms because these live Candida are also releasing ammonia and other toxins into your body.

Everyone on the forum at one time or another mentions brain-fog. Higher than normal amounts of ammonia in the blood affects the brain with symptoms ranging from mild confusion and brain-fogginess to possible brain damage.

I posted this months ago;

All living animals have ammonia in their bodies. So when it comes to ammonia, the type of animal doesn’t matter as much as the amount of protein that the meat contains per serving.

No matter what Raster believes or does, the fact remains that all animal protein releases ammonia into the body when it’s broken down; this is scientific fact.

Raster isn’t experiencing heavy die off right now – hopefully, since he’s been on the treatment longer than most members, so he’s not going to experience the same reactions from meat as a newer member who hasn’t been on the diet or protocol for that long.
And I’ve posted this before, but when you’re asking someone for advice or when someone offers advice; ask them how long they’ve been on their treatment in order to get a bearing of how closely their reactions might compare to yours depending on your position on the treatment. This can make all the difference in the world and should be treated accordingly and responsibly by anyone who is answering questions on the forum (thanks, Orka).

In the early part of my own treatment I received Candida symptoms (not die-off and not allergic reactions) each time I tried to eat red meat or pork as well as eating too much chicken at one sitting; I was lucky, because other than trusting in research which proved that Candida releases ammonia even when alive, the reactions I had is how I knew that ammonia is beneficial to the Candida and would be detrimental to my treatment in the long run.

So again, anyone can eat what they want as that is not my business or concern, but I’ll continue to post the actual facts for those members on the forum like Orka who are interested in curing their infestation as safe and as quickly as possible without adding the possibilities of more potential dangers to the body than necessary. I understand that not everyone approaches their treatment or cure in this manner, and again this is not my concern, so if your approach is not the same as mine, you should probably ignore most of my posts and stick with someone who suits your way of treating the infestation.

As far as buffalo meat is concerned: eat what you want, just be aware that Orka is correct, buffalo contains less fat than beef; less fat means more protein per ounce; and more animal protein equals more ammonia released into the body.