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I appreciate all of your experience and wisdom. I just got the strict diet yesterday, and am starting today. I am vegan due to egg and dairy allergies. Secretly, I hope dairy allergies might turn into sensitivities as I heal my candida. Any thoughts or experience with this. I would live to be able to use kefir and yogurt, but if not, what do vegans use instead?

I am new to hemp and it seems I will be relying on it during next two weeks. What are your favorite forms of hemp? Anyplace online, in particular, that you order organic hemp? Also, what about hemp milk? If I made my own and did not have fillers? And finally, am thinking I will make hemp seed pesto to go over zucchini noodles–has this worked for others? I am not sure what hemp tastes like.

If there are other vegans regularly posting, can you let me know who you/they are, so u can best figure out how to get through next two weeks without eggs.

Big gratitude!