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For protein, I like hemp protein powder. I mix a couple tablespoons to some water. I use Manitoba Harvest Hemp Pro 70. I really love the taste, but some people think it’s funky. You can also add it to green smoothies and pancakes or bread. I also like their hemp hearts. I think they taste similar to sunflower seeds. You can add them to salads or cereal.

I use spirulina in my green smoothies, or sometimes I’ll just mix it with ACV and water, which takes some choking down.

What really satiates me is fat, especially avocados. I add avocados to just about everything, from green smoothies, to pureed soups, veggie wraps, salads and as a dip (in the form of guac) for veggies. It sounds weird, but I even slather my buckwheat pancakes with pureed avocado. I find that buckwheat pancakes and avocados keep me full for hours. And I love the way they taste together. My hubbie’s favorite way of eating avocados is scooping them straight from skin and eating it with a spoon, with just a sprinkle of sea salt and lemon juice.