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Hi Jojilla,I’ve been vegan for years and have been on the strict diet for several months.

As far as kefir, I make water kefir, but you can also use coconut water. Kefir will have more strains and a higher bacteria count than yogurt, but you can try making your own if you feel you’d like to have it. I haven’t made my own yogurt, so I can’t be of much help to you on this.

You can make your own hemp milk. Just be sure not to add any sweeteners other than stevia. I haven’t tried hemp seed pesto, but it sounds like a great idea. To me, hemp seeds taste kind of like sunflower seeds. I use Manitoba Harvest hemp powder and seeds, but Nutiva, Navitas and Bob’s Red Mill are all good brands. I’ve purchased from Amazon and iHerb, as well as my local health food store.