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This is something I’ve worried about myself. I’m vegan more so for the “I love animals” reason, not for “health” reasons, so I have no problem eating humanely raised farm eggs. I am lucky enough to live around a lot of farms and see how the hens are treated. The one place I go to the hens, roosters, ducks, etc. all walk around freely and come up to you when you drive up to purchase your eggs. They are healthy and happy. Are they going to be slaughtered for meat? I don’t think so… I am afraid to ask, I’ll admit. But I honestly think this farmer just deals in eggs and vegetables and that’s it. I’m also afraid to ask what they feed the chickens, because the type of feed is very important to our health as well since we’re consuming the eggs.

But anyway, yeah… I eat eggs because I have to (I hate eggs just as much as I hate the taste of meat/fish, to be quite honest), but otherwise the other things I will end up consuming when the time comes are soaked/sprouted nuts, hemp seeds/powder, spirulina, chlorella, and the kefir (I’m trying to go the coconut milk kefir route, though). Chia seeds, avocado, pumpkin seeds, kale, spinach, and barley grass (if you’re so inclined) are also excellent sources of protein. Are they all allowed on a strict diet? Not sure. I’d also say quinoa but that’s a grain so I’m not sure if I should suggest that or not.