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Thanks everyone! I bought some hemp seeds and spirulana the other day; sometimes I have a problem ingesting too much fat at one time. I think that is partly due to my gastroparesis. I’m probably still going to ingest some eggs here and there though. The past few days since I haven’t ate meat, my pH in the morning has been alkaline. Lately, I have just been real tired, and I am hoping to get some of my new supplements from the doctor today. I am starting to think that partly my tiredness is that I am finally ready to move out of taking my zoloft. I have been taking it since last year. Other natural things that I am taking I think are doing better, and I forgot to take the zoloft on Sunday, and I felt better not taking it. I’m going to have to wean myself off of it though. I think the zoloft is making me more tired, and makes me moody sometimes. The nd is helping me, relora, vitamin b, ashwangda; I start increasing these things. If anybody has any experience on the anti-depressants, you can chime in here, too. I still got digestion issues, but starting to cut this out could be huge for me as far as candida treatment. Maybe this is a sign I am ready to move on and getting better anxiety wise.