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Jessgentry26;55710 wrote: OK so I just wanted to send an update and would love your input… I started the cleanse (i’m on day two) and I have zero sugar craving… and this may sound weird but when i’m doing candida diet i never really have sugar cravings I’m able to drop sugar really easily…the only thing i crave is cauliflower. Yeah, cauliflower like gotta have it now so good cauliflower. When I do eat sugar I go nuts but I crave nuts more than anything when I do have the option of eating sugar and then when I’m on the diet (even when i was on the diet for 2 months strong) I craved cauliflower which causes bloating and I actually believed for awhile cauliflower set off my candida…I know this may sound crazy but any thoughts…? Thank you!

Not crazy at all.

Its a fact that your taste can change 100% after a certain amount of time away from any particular foods, especially salt and sugar. People that think they couldnt eat certain things begin to want them when their palate is cleansed ( I think it takes 3 weeks? ).

My ND says that brocolli/cauliflower/garlic/high sulfur foods just dont agree with most folk (there are threads here on why). They are not foods that cause candida overgrowth, but if your not using the sulfur/eliminating it as fast as its going in, it accumulates.
Some people even claim it causes die-off symptoms.

Nut cravings could be because your needing more calories.