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the link you provided is to a home page..not where you found this information. the Frontier brand is not located on that website.

It would be impossible to get away from glycerin. It is in alot of products..even vitamin/capsules etc.

This is the ONLY option I have found for baking for Candida diets.

other info:

Glycerin, sometimes spelled glycerine, is a commercial product whose principal component is glycerol. Glycerin is a trihydric alcohol that is derived from animal fats and plants emollients. The terms glycerin, glycerine, and glycerol are often used interchangeably.


Glycerin (sometimes spelled glycerine), or glycerol, is a sweet, syrupy liquid that is about 75% as sweet as sucrose. It is chemically categorized as a polyol with 4.32 kcal/g. The FDA classifies glycerin as a Generally Recognized as Safe food additive. As a food additive, glycerin is used in a variety of products, including nutrition or energy bars, because of its ability to retain moisture, and reduced-fat frozen desserts, to prevent formation of ice crystals. Many nutrition bars have > 9 g of glycerin in a single-serving bar.

According to the FDA, synthetic glycerin is produced by the hydrogenolysis of carbohydrates15 and must be included in the grams of total carbohydrate listed in the Nutrition Facts panel. If the label has a statement regarding sugars, the FDA requires the glycerin content per serving to be declared as sugar alcohol.16 Some food manufacturers disagree with the classification of glycerin as a carbohydrate and have been omitting it from their calculations.

The metabolic fate of glycerin has yet to be determined, but it is believed to be converted into glucose primarily via gluconeogenesis.17 The effect of glycerin on blood glucose levels in individuals with diabetes is unknown.

If you can find another Vanilla flavoring that doesnt have anything in it (alcohol,glycerin), feel free to post it here. i would love to see it and be able to purchase….

on guar gum,

Bob’s Red Mills says zero sugar..

and is a minute amount your using..

if you eat lettuce, you are getting 4 grams of sugar. Everything has sugar in it..pretty much. You just have to reduce it as much as possible so the candida cant feed. and i am hoping your taking plenty of antifungals and drinking your kefir to help kill what is coming into your body. Same for some of your capsules with your herbs, meds, or vitamins. some of those contain polysaccharide’s if i am remembering correctly. i recall asking the same question about a capsule form of probiotic. But the good outweighed the bad.

hope that helps clarify…and good research your doing.