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1) is there anything in my diet that I should eliminate ?

I didn’t notice anything.

2) Are all the 5 possible culprits mentioned bad for me ?

Unless I’m mistaken, black tea contains caffeine. I would switch to nettle leaf or dandelion tea in place of the black tea.
As far as the Sweet Leaf Stevia is concerned, it depends on the ingredients. The same goes for the Stevia powder.

2) While taking the antibiotic, how much probiotics should I take ?

A lot more than you are. Start adding at least 20 billion every other day, or if you run out of the 20B add one 50 billion capsule every three days. I would go up to at least 200 billion while on the antibiotic.

4) What do you recommend I do while taking the antibiotic ?

Stay on the diet.

5) Should I go back on Molybdenum after the antibiotic intake ? And take any other vitamins ?

If you want to, you can wait to see if you need it or you can start it back the day you stop the antibiotic.
As far as other supplements are concerned, I would continue to take any supplements you’re now on. Just keep the probiotic number up for at least several more weeks to a month because the antibiotic can keep working after you complete the round.
Stop taking all antifungals accept coconut oil, continue taking it because it will benefit the good bacteria.