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Well it sounds like you are detoxing toxins via the lungs as opposed to via the bowels or via the skin. We all detox differently, but it’d be good to consider detoxing via the skin or bowels/liver. A great way to detox via the skin is by sweating in a sauna, hot tub, steam room, or sauna. This should take the load off you lungs. Same if you take more liver supplements. You can completely reduce die-off by sweating alone.

I highly recommend taking as much liver supplements as possible to protect your liver from the die-off. You are taking milk thistle, but there are more out there. It takes a long time to heal the liver from my experience.

The psyllium can cause internal bleeding and we do not recommend it on the forum. The powdered version of psyllium might be better.

One thing you likely will notice is that your migraines will improve or go away. Inflammation of the brain is tied to the inflammation of the gut, so if you reduce the inflammation of the gut, your migraines should improve or go away. This can be done via an anti-inflammatory organic candida diet. If you are still eating GMO foods, this can cause migraines as well. Fermented cod liver oil is a great anti-inflammatory and this can likely help improve your migraines in time.

What is your diet like?

Almost everyone has candida and parasites, we just have them at different levels. If you have candida you likely have parasites as well but just are unaware of it; parasites are very opportunistic like candida.