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Thomas wrote: I too would like to get some clear answers from Able about this.
As there are conflicting info floating around here on the forum.

I know from my personal experience as well as accounts from many others that grapefruit seed extract is an antifungal which is fairly easy for Candida to adapt to. Two straight weeks of use of the GSE is long enough, waiting at the very least for a month before reintroducing it is usually satisfactory.

Oil of oregano is a little different in that it normally takes much longer for the Candida to adapt to. But each infestation may take different lengths of time to adapt to this antifungal, so the only way to be safe is to take a break from it now and then.

Coconut oil is completely different from the other two; it’s a whole-food antifungal which means that it has a lot more benefits than merely being an antifungal. For this reason I would not stop using it until the infestation is completely cured, then using it as part of your maintenance plan would do no harm.
Eating raw garlic is the same as the coconut oil in that it is a whole-food antifungal. I don’t really believe that more antifungals are necessary, but of course a good probiotic is of ultimate importance.

You should start the antifungals one at a time several weeks apart in order to gauge the response you’ll receive from each. Once you’ve tried them all, you can follow the guidelines I explained above.