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delicaterose;41230 wrote:
Also, I really believe my mum contributed to my anxiety.

I’ve told her to see a counseller, but of course she won’t go because she knows best.

I was pleased that she felt that she could get stuff off her chest but it seems she loves offloading on me all the time.

I never feel like she’s proud or happy for me.

I’m never as good as my brothers or sisters.

When I qualified, all she said was “now you need to get your post-grad”! What about congradulating me for working hard for three years first!

Hi delicaterose,
I might not be very objective on this, because I have a NPD mother myself.
But many of the things You wrote alarmed me and I want You to take a look at this website to see if You can recognize Yourself.

Also it seems that You know a lot about her health problems and probably spend a lot of time listening.
But she just dismisses Your issue.
That’s narcissistic behaviour.

But regardless if this is the case or not.
For Your healing You should have less contact to people who are not supportive.

All the best,