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Thanks raster, sometimes I start to feel pretty good and then rush myself into things. Today I feel sort of angry; I think the zoloft actually does that to me now. I just know I don’t fall as hard as I used to it. Also, the drenamin helps with my adrenals.

Yes, expenses are coming into account. I postponed my appt. this week to the next just because I need to re-arrange some money. Tight this month due to car insurance bill, gurr,

Anyways, I felt a little better last night by trying to sit on the stool in the afternoon. I def. need a couple bm’s a day. I talked with Bernie about prob. needing more bm’s, plus it would make me feel better, especially with no colon. I just have to watch it because I can rumble my intestines too much sometimes.

L-glut makes me feel constipated sometimes. Never tried fermented cod liver oil.