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Kjones has got it down pretty good.

Antifungal: SF722
Probiotic: HMF Neuro
Digestion: There are lots out there and depends on your specific problems. If you have gas (farting or burping) then I recommend zypan or HCL. If you think your galbladder has slug, then I recommend AF betafood. If you think you are deficient in digestive enzymes, then I recommend pro-gest or bitters. If you have leaky gut and inflammation of mucousal membrane, I recommend L-glutamine and fermented cod liver oil. Okra pepsin is good for those who are not constipated.
Detox: I recommend liver cleansing herbs such as what can be found in super milk thistle X. Vitamin C is great for detoxing. Acupuncture is great for detoxing. Water is important for detoxing.