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It is just annoying all the issues I have from past history, gastroparesis from eating disorder in high school; over-abusing sweeteners, not eating right, binges, etc. I do like my gastric pacemaker, it really helps. I just still hate not having a colon, small intestine to rectum, removed from colitis.

I am taking molybdenum, but not milk thistle. Guess I should add that in!

I forgot to add a couple questions:
1. this supplement, which helps with stress and to not have extra sugar at times; I noticed it has lactose!! ok to take?
2. Squash?
I don’t think it settles on me, but butternut squash does??
Is it on the approved list?
what type of squashes are ok??

Here is my craft link again that takes my mind off of things and earn some extra money: