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I would suggest ignoring the website completely and just taking your information and advice directly from the forum from here on in.

As far as I can tell, the website is out of date and innacurate on quite a number of counts which only adds to confusion. The forum on the other hand has info and advice from people that have gone through or is going through the process themselves and can contest that certain things work or don’t work.

Some members are very clued up as to specifics on topics such as supplements and probiotics and the effects many foods have on a body that is infected with Candida. I would trust these sources above books and websites myself.

As a secondary point, I have been advised (from the forum members) that any amount of any grains are not really advisable for the first stage of the diet (or at least for the first part of the first stage maybe). I was advised to make the coconut bread listed in the recipe section of the forum and use this as a filler at meal times or as a snack. I found that this worked wonders to control my hunger. Everyone is different though so you might cope ok with a small amount of brown rice such as your crackers. You’ll just have to pay attention to your symptoms if you do. I experienced bloating from the beyond when I had rice crackers so it was no good for me.

Good luck with it!