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raster;58367 wrote: When yeast and bad bugs die in the gut they produce toxins. These toxins then are detoxed via the skin if they are not detoxed via the liver. When yeast and bad bugs are fed they don’t typically release as many toxins and so no symptoms.

If you support your liver while on candida diet you likely won’t have any detox side effects.

Eventually you’ll get to a pure state where you won’t have skin problems on the diet or not on the diet.


Thanks. So, if I understand correctly the skin irritation is a die-off symptom and a good sign that the yeast and bugs are dying? So, by engaging in my cheat days I’m perpetuating the die-off cycle? I would assume this is incredibly variable from person to person, but what type of time-frame would you guess I should expect to experience the skin irritation for if I engaged in a strict diet?