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I’ve already done a GI tract repair kit, that included a bunch of the things you suggested. However, I experienced no results.

Miss C, the supplements alone can’t cure leaky gut because the Candida infestation is what caused it, therefore it’ll be impossible to heal until the Candida overgrowth is under control. So the first goal is to cure the infestation and try to keep your symptoms of leaky gut to a minimal degree at the same time. That’s what some of the supplements can hopefully do; the inflammation supplements for example can help with that problem. Keep in mind that this won’t happen in a few months, it normally takes more than that to cure leaky gut; so it’s really all about being patient with the protocol you need to follow.

One more thing, you’ve probably considered this before, but I’ll mention it anyway; the more varied diet you have the more likely you are to contract new allergies to the food, so my theory is to keep your food list to a bare minimum as long as you can continue to receive the correct nourishment from healthier foods.

I can’t remember everyone who has asked me for a copy of the strict diet, do you have it? If not you may want to consider using it instead of the diet on the website.

May I ask what types of probiotics you’ve used in the past?