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Thanks Able, I suspected that. I’ve already done a GI tract repair kit, that included a bunch of the things you suggested. However, I experienced no results.

I’m wondering if I should start some of these supplements now, or wait until I get to the diet phase. (I’m on day 5 of my cleanse).
I suspect I’ve had Candida for over 12 years so I’m trying to cleanse for as long as possible.

Raster, I do chew my food very well, I’m the slowest eater at every meal. Since I also have Iron defincency and lots of hair loss, I’m assuming it’s some sort of malabsorption. Leaky gut seems right because when I had a food allergy test done I was allergic to every food I had eaten in the last 48 hours.

Before I got serious about Candida and started this cleanse I thought my biggest problem was Adrenal Fatigue, so I’ve been treating that for that through diet and supplements (ashwanga, vit C)

I really appreciate all your replies.