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Thanks Lee for this very interesting insight. Asides from the minor hassle of making 2-3 individual orders it seems to me there no real point in taking this risk of doing it in one order, surely? Just on the basis that if they do charge add ons I would be at risk of paying £7-15 more more overall than the 2-3 orders I would make per say. Btw Lee have slow connection but clicked on your link & leaving to load your video about GMO. Something I know nothing about, but seems pretty interesting.

Thanks Eskimo_Pup for your insight aswell. Crikey, I get what you mean about steering away from trying to be too close with the threshold, when taking into account exchange rates. It really is criminal how much Uk suppliers can get away with setting such high prices for these products, I suppose thats good old supply and demand, and there’s not much we can do apart from head to Iherb.

Also good point about the probiotics, I thought to myself well its fine they would provide ice packaging with it, then I realised it would most likely only keep it cold for a maximum of 3-4 days surely?