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Well the only pain I’ve had during the time I’ve suffered with LG was the last time I took painkillers – about March – and yesterday after having to take them for very bad tooth ache. It wasn’t even quite a pain but an empty feeling when my tummy definitely wasn’t empty. Acid maybe? Thankfully it went away with lots of green tea and broccoli – and hasnt returned today. I havent had to have pain killers today either and nor should I for the forseeable future.

With my nutritionist, I was working on the theory that my tummy is inflamed, hence all the intolerances, and I’m trying to fix it. Two weeks ago I reacted to coconut bread so I started on L glutamine and bone broth and I havent reacted to it since, so I think I’m getting somewhere.

I wasn’t really considering going to my GP but I was interested to know if anyone had tried it. I had a very good GP, before she left, and she was the one who told me I probably had candida, but said treating it on the NHS is impossible so I would expect it to be similar with LG.

I will think about seeing an allergist or GI doctor if I dont improve soon.