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Well, I’m pretty sure it’s come back. I’m experiencing some of the same symptoms I’ve experienced in the past. I actually pigged-out while I was traveling around Peru after the retreat ended and not after I got back home. I’d been eating regular food for about two and a half weeks. The only issue I had was sore, dry lips for a few days but other than that felt fine. Then the first night I got back home, I started to feel a little fuzzy/woozy (take your pick) and came down with some brain fog. The next day was the same thing, so I decided to go back on the diet and have been feeling a little better since then.

My focus here is mostly on my condition, and perhaps a little about my future and where I want to be. Not being able to eat what I want and when I want is a huge drain on the system, psychologically and perhaps even emotionally.

I’ve been in a kind of limbo these past three years, and would really like to get some clarity regarding my condition. Perhaps only then can I truly figure out what I need to do to combat this thing in the most effective way. I think that’s what the plant spirits were trying to tell me. They cleared me out and gave me a head start, but now I have to finish the job myself and continue the work.

Thanks for the tips about the herbs, I’ll look into it. I tend to order all of my supplements from iherb since they stock tons of good stuff and the shipping and costs are not too bad.

Yeah, I’m familiar with Brien Foerster, and find the elongated skulls issue quite interesting too. I saw some while I was over there. There also appear to be many similarities between Egypt and Peru, leaving me with no doubt that there was contact in the past between those two cultures. Fascinating stuff.