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maymichellee wrote: There is just so much info, and it’s all rather conflicting&confusing! I guess this is going to full of a lot of trial and error.

Does it have to be organic meat? It’s a bit expensive, at least what I have seen is. Also, where in the world do I find yogurt that has no sugar?? I have checked Lowe’s Food and Walmart – nothing. I have read that the brand “La Yogurt” is unsweetened, but I haven’t found it. Is there a certain store I should go to? What brands do I need to look for? I know I need to go to Whole Foods, but it’s a hour away. I’m trying to find things as close as possible to me.

You would think the idea of being pain free, healthier, and happier would be appealing enough, but I am so use to feeling yucky, I just deal with it! I need to work on changing my way of thinking and viewing this!

Preferably yes, non organic meat is pumped with all sorts of antibiotics, hormones and other chemicals that are not good for anyone let alone candida sufferers! Yes i know its more expensive but its healthier, tastier and what price do you put on your health?

I read in another post that there is a shop called Trader Joe who carries most of the stuff I spoke about as well as kefir which is a liquid form of yogurt filled with probiotics, very good for you. It also carries unsweetened natural yogurt. Look for a local organic shop. I dont live in the U.S.A so my knowledge of shops is 0.

Yes there is much info and it is conflicting and confusing however there are many experienced people on this site who offer a world of valuable info. Did you read the correspondence between Able and myself, if not please do read it. Its full of info, not the conflicting kind.
It would be ideal if youo could find a shop closer to you but then again if you plan wisely you can save yourself alot of time and energy.

Once again and this might sound harsh, stop moaning and groaning if you want to get well you have to set your mind to it and do something about it. It definitely is not going to happen on its own. I too was used to feeling yucky for a very long time but I got fed up! It seems like you have not had enough of feeling yucky as yet