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I only have a problem of trusting my body when I eat foods I shouldn’t eat; I get a reaction and notice a change immediately. I don’t listen to what others tell me, I only listen to my body and what it tells me.

What is a reaction? For some it could simply just be a head change, where they feel a slight click in their head and something is different.

For some a reaction can be a totally different monster; for me this included heart palpitations, tremors, hyperventilation (for hours), a burning sensation throughout the body, headaches, and mucus production to name a few.

For instance, when I would eat potatoes 5 months ago, I would get a really bad reaction. I didn’t know what it was for a really long time, but I felt the “burn.” Now when I eat potatoes, I just get a head change “click” and thats about it; I don’t notice much of a change at all other than a change in my digestion.

As far as trusting your body with food cravings; the way I looked at it was that the body wants nothing but poison to feed itself (when first detoxing from it and before the diet). This includes alcohol, sugar, dairy, grains, etc…the list can be quite big. I used to eat a candybar every day and a package of gummy bears every week. On top of this, I drank alcohol every other day, even on days when I didn’t want it badly. I have food cravings for years, and all I wanted to do was feed it…overdo it until I was stuffed from the junk. This went on for years until I got really ill with candida.

When I first went on the diet, I wanted nothing but fruit, coffee, alcohol, and other sugar. I still fed it but with healthier versions of my old foods. Once I found this website I learned that this needed to stop and I was making poor decisions. Despite this, after going on the diet I had strong cravings for everything poisonous for a few months. Once it stopped, I only knew I was getting better.

Since that time I have only craved one thing: gatorade! I really want the orange gatorade! Its only the flavor I want and nothing else. But I still resist this urge and it is a struggle for me, but I manage to hold it back!