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Able900 wrote: I’ve read research showing that the components in grapefruit (extract as well) can interfere with certain medications, but it doesn’t sound like you were on medications for your asthma, correct? I also know that GSE can boost the immune system which also shouldn’t interfere with your asthma. If you wish to test it, just stop taking the GSE altogether and see what happens.

Mold is a microscopic fungus which can trigger an asthma attack (as you probably know); have you had enough rain to produce more mold than normally would occur after a period of rain?

Have you thoroughly checked your house for mold in the last few weeks following so much rain?

The fact that your hay fever is worse as well may be an environmental clue.


The rain has been ridiculous & other than a few hours in the day its been mostly cloudy so no where for pollen & pollution too go, although the next 4 days are due to be hot.

The only mould was at the entrance of our flat (downstairs), but its been cleared up. Otherwise there is no visual signs of it anywhere else.

Generally, other than some gas if I eat high protein, my candida symptoms & treatment has been going well. I feel much more energised & skin flare ups have been far less aggressive.

I’ve been taking hayfever drugs, & inhalers (ventolin), i’ve not gone back onto becotide to try & calm it down.