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I try to do everything as natural as possible, for kidneys I incorporate more asparagus into my diet, for the liver add in beets every so often as they are sugary. They make a huge difference, I had the same problem with peeing, drink a glass of water and not even 10 minutes later and you are nearly pissing yourself and they helped tremendously. From what I’ve read It’s mostly caused by inflammation, EFA’s like hemp oil, coconut oil etc will help, hemp oil is more easily digested by the body but doesn’t taste as good. I also tend to use a cannabis extract for severe times, as it is an awesome anti-inflammatory among many other things and puts no strain on your liver or kidneys like most traditional medicines. Granted with being bi-polar it may put a lot of the burden on that disease, unless you use a high CBD strain to counter the effects of THC so you don’t feel high.

Also drink more water, I know it sounds counter productive, but it helps flush out all of the toxins which reduces the strain on your organs. And if your drinking lots of water, try to cut back on tap water or mix it with distilled to cut back on the chlorine and other stuff in the water that may hinder your progress.