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So I broke down and went to the hospital last night. I felt so miserable, and I knew that it was too extreme to be just die off. I let them x-ray my chest, however I did NOT allow them to administer any meds. Turns out that I was suffering from an upper respiratory infection, probably because my body was already run down from all the detoxing and die off. They threw a prescription for antibiotics and cough medicine at me and sent me out the door. When the doctor came to examine me, I started explaining to him that I had been on a candida cleanse and that I was experiencing die off. He looked at me like I grew a 3rd eye!! And to add insult to injury, the discharge papers that he gave me explaining the URI and its causes says that it is a VIRAL infection that can’t be cured with anti-biotics! And here I was walking out with an antibiotic prescription in my hand. It was a classic case of what the convention medical community has done to people, and why so many of us out there are so sick. Amazing and so very sad! Needless to say I threw that script right in the garbage and will be seeing my naturopath/acupuncturist tomorrow to be healed the proper way.