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at this point all I am doin is running for about 30min..4 days a week.

You shouldn’t be running at all during the treatment; walking is fine, but not running.

but, I think I need to sweat more, and excessive running might cause weight loss, which I don’t want to.

That’s what saunas and hot baths and soaks are for and why they’re suggested by the experts.

What other options do we have? Sauna/Steam bath?


Where can I get access to these, does all YMCA locations offer this with basic membership?

Call a local YMCA and find out. Do you have a tub? If so, you can create your own make-shift sauna.

Do we need to do physical activity on diet, does it help any, considering the low carb diet, and low energy levels.

Very mild exercise only should be used as walking or light swimming.

Can I completely stop running and just sweat through saunas/steam baths. Or, should I do both.

You shouldn’t be running or lifting weights or any other strenuous exercise until you’re much closer to a cure. These all make it more difficult to build your immune system and adrenals.