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dvjorge;30372 wrote:

Hi Everyone, I am looking for some advice, I will keep it short.

My Boyfriend has just been for a live blood analysis and the lady confirmed he has Candida, she said it was bad.

She then went through everything we need to buy for clearing his candida, she said he needs the following..

~ Multi B Vitamins in liquid form
~ High dose vitamin C powder form
~ Diatomaceous earth (for 1 month)
~ Latero Flora

She said this would be the only way to clear his body of the candida. We do not have much money but if we had to buy this it would come to a total of €90 ($115). To me that seemed a lot so I thought I would check the web and I came across this website.

I have just been reading about the Cleansing (Step 1). It says nothing about any of the above.

Does anyone recommend I purchase these from the lady or should my boyfriend just stick to The Candida Diet on this website (Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3)?

Thank you for reading….sorry it wasnt as short as I would have wanted! 🙂

Do you think that is too much money ??
I have spent more than $ 20 000 since 2008.!


Hi Jorge,

No I was asking the question if this was too much money (see the ?) I am unaware of Candida and the costs