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I had no idea it had starch, but when compared to brown rice…it has way less starch! Or compare it to bananas…not even in the same ballpark.

Buckwheat contains 25% starch according to wikipedia. Oat bran is lower on the list according to this glycemic index:

Do a CTRL + F to do a search for buckwheat to see all of the occurances.

Accordng to this guy on this website, buckwheat is considered “high” in the glycemic index at 54:

(from glycemic index)
Brown rice- 68
Spaghetti- 49
Cornflakes- 81
Potato- 78
Rice Milk- 86
Barley- 28
Quinoa- 13

So because barley is at a lower glycemic index as well as spaghetti…should these be allowed? Both of these are cereal grains…

If you want to be cautious save buckwheat for phase 2. If you get a reaction to it, save it for phase 2. I started buckwheat halfway during phase 1 and no problems; I had leaky gut real real bad. Just because it has worked for me doesn’t make it OK for you; everyone should make their own decisions. I did get a reaction to brown and wild rice, corn, spaghetti, and quinoa.

Quinoa contains 50% starch also, but low on the glycemic index. Brown rice contains 77% starch, sorghum 73%, millet, 69%, wheat 75%, oats 65%, barley 79%, rye 73%, corn 76%…so if you compare buckwheat to these foods, it looks rather good in my opinion.