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Lucylu wrote: How much is “quite a lot”? I can’t quite understand why there’s a restriction on it but perhaps Able will explain…

How do you get your bread to stick together without eggs? Is it quite crumbly?

No, mine is like a hardbread. I take a dl. buckwheat and put it in a bowl. Then I add water, its very thin, I add salt and little olive oil. Its thicker than milk but thinner than yogurt. I pre-heat the oven to 250 degrees celsius. I put a non stick backing paper onto a plate and pure the thin buckwheat porridge onto it.
Then I put it into the oven and take it out when I like it, often it is golden brown on the edges.

when you take it out it is a soft bread. But if you switch off the oven a little before it gets goldenbrown and leave it there you get a cracker type bread. Like the Swedish knäckebröd.

Its easy and fast to fix. I eat it with olive oil and cucumber or avocado.