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klips32;55140 wrote: The rashes it self will flare up every time you eat a simple carbohydrate(lactose too), and things like rice cakes or yoghurt will result in more itching.

Yeah I noticed that when I was about 3 months into the diet whenever I would eat brown rice/grain rice or lentils over an extended period of time the tinea versicolor, bloating and itching would come back so I completed eliminated it and was fine after about 2 weeks my skin started to clear up again so I came to the conclusion I need to stay away from grains that have more than 3-4
% carbs(rices/beans, etc). I went online and several candida websites recommend baking with coconut flour because of the low carb/high fiber and using stevia, sounded good so I tried it. I immediately had a reaction after using stevia(never again) so I continued the the flour for about a month and last week I especially started to notice I felt more itchy and bloated than usual. I feel fine now, I havent had any baked goods since last Wed, so I should be good and continue to improve as long as I stay away from it.
@kjones02, high fiber doesnt really give me problems, I usually sprinkle some flax seed on my foods, helps me stay regular, but I do have to be careful because my stomach gets full faster and you know how that goes…