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Positivo wrote: I find myself eating a lot of oat bran and buckwheat these days. I’m 5 weeks into the diet I added buckwheat after 3 and 2 weeks after I got oat bran which was this week. If I don’t have veggies I usually eat buckwheat with chicken or fish. I stop eating eggs for breakfast so I have oat bran. I’m worried that I’m getting to many carbs. So there are days where I may eat buckwheat two to three times a day and oatbran once or twice if I run out of veggies.

Is this a lot of carbs even though these foods are allowed?

Yes it is a lot of carbs, and it’s possible that you would cure your infestation quicker if you cut down on the number. During the treatment, depending on the size of the individual, two to five a day for men and two to four a day for women is acceptable in most cases, but five or more servings every day of the week is probably a bit overboard. I would replace one or two servings with eggs, an avocado, or vegetables. The eggs are not bad for cholesterol as older studies suggested. I’ve written many times before on the forum in reference to this fact. Eggs contain a substance called ‘lecithin’ which can actually lower cholesterol.

DO NOT replace the carbs with fat and oil only.

Fat and oil cannot feed the beneficial bacteria, and this is one of the main goals of the diet. Avocados are the only exception to this as they are high in fat, but are also a prebiotic and will feed the bacteria, in fact, that’s why they’re on the “strict diet” which several of us followed for our cure.